Just for Fun | Hear in Taiwan - Part 2

If ever I can get my hands on one!

Those were  just two of the heavy motorcycles I saw that sunny day.                    I had just walked out of a seafood … Continue Reading →


“Turkey” the Taiwanese way, anyone??

 Taiwanese people REALLY don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Christmas, yes, as you can tell from Natalie Tso’s last blog post about X’mas decorations already out at store fronts in Taipei. So for those … Continue Reading →


Here’s a better view of the giant sky lantern

I took a great footage of the “moving globe” inside the Taiwan Pavilion. The structure now resides in Hsinchu. The Hsinchu government bought the pavilion at the price of US$15.5 million from … Continue Reading →


The Taiwan Pavilion is now in Hsinchu

The sky lantern shaped structure made its way from the 2010 Shanghai World Expo to Taiwan. For those who didn’t make it to the Shanghai Expo won’t have to travel … Continue Reading →


What else is new at RTI?

Here are more things that are new or should I say “renewed” at RTI. We have a newly paved parking lot in front of the main building.       … Continue Reading →


Look what’s new at RTI!

First of all, we have new floorings on all four floors along the corridors and middle staircases.                           … Continue Reading →

educationradio bigger

Can you guess what this is?

What can a Chinese-styled building in modern Taipei have inside. Can you tell with those antennas on the roof? This structure can be found on Zhong Shan North Road, not far from … Continue Reading →

typhoon waters

A train ride through a typhoon-drenched island

                      Brooding mountains capped with sleepy white clouds stand guard over thick, green rice fields. It’s one of my favorite … Continue Reading →


How much more creative can you get?

I’ve seen all kinds of sinks, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.  A wok for a sink? And you wonder where’s the faucet?           … Continue Reading →


Which is better?

Me with long hair or short hair? One time on We’ve Got Mail, I told everyone that I got a long haired wig but I have never worn it outdoors. A … Continue Reading →

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