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Just for Fun | Hear in Taiwan - Part 2 " "

How early did they get up?

I was up really early one day, when it was still dark out. It was not yet 6:00 am. My husband and I were walking our daughter to the MRT station to … Continue Reading →

going home

In preparation for the Chinese New Year

It was a couple of days prior to the Chinese New Year and I saw this long line of cars on my way to work. I thought to myself, don’t these people have to … Continue Reading →

Burnt shell

What I think about when I run

Yesterday I went out for a jog, and just kept on running; perhaps it was the view of the distant mountains that kept me going. Or perhaps it was the playlist … Continue Reading →


Where’s this trolley from?

When this tram passed in front of me, I thought am I in San Francisco. Then I realized that it’s a sightseeing bus (it says that on the side). I think … Continue Reading →


Can you look beyond looks?

The New Taipei City Government recently held a very special matchmaking event. All the participants had to wear masks so that they could focus on qualities other than good looks. … Continue Reading →


Christmas spirit…ho ho ho!

Look what Taiwanese people decorate besides Christmas trees around this time of year. I let Natalie Tso do all the postings that she wants of Christmas trees (and cakes), but look what … Continue Reading →


If ever I can get my hands on one!

Those were  just two of the heavy motorcycles I saw that sunny day.                    I had just walked out of a seafood … Continue Reading →


“Turkey” the Taiwanese way, anyone??

 Taiwanese people REALLY don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Christmas, yes, as you can tell from Natalie Tso’s last blog post about X’mas decorations already out at store fronts in Taipei. So for those … Continue Reading →


Here’s a better view of the giant sky lantern

I took a great footage of the “moving globe” inside the Taiwan Pavilion. The structure now resides in Hsinchu. The Hsinchu government bought the pavilion at the price of US$15.5 million from … Continue Reading →


The Taiwan Pavilion is now in Hsinchu

The sky lantern shaped structure made its way from the 2010 Shanghai World Expo to Taiwan. For those who didn’t make it to the Shanghai Expo won’t have to travel … Continue Reading →