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Practice makes perfect

Sometimes English signs and messages should be proofread before being printed. This coffee cup, for example, says “小心燙口,” which is translated quite literally as “burn the mouth carefully.” It should … Continue Reading →


Ready, aim, fire… I mean leak!

Shaking hands with an old friend can be a challenging task. You see, it all has to do with the way you position your external urinary organ- if you aim … Continue Reading →

228 Peace Park 025

A peaceful walk in the park

The 228 Peace Memorial Park is one of Taipei’s nicest public spaces. It features everything from a public amphitheater to two (yes two!) museums, is serviced by the MRT, and … Continue Reading →


Best Taiwan blogs

Taiwan has a lot of great bloggers (click for a full list of English blogs). And this pic is from Catherine Shu, the author of the blog Shu Flies, which … Continue Reading →


It’s “fire hot” now!

Walking around in Taipei, I was a bit surprised to find an ad that used the expression “fire hot”  to tout its business. I have no objection to that as I … Continue Reading →


Posing just for you!

I went to a fashion show of a different kind recently. It was one of Taiwan’s well-known fashion designers, Isabelle Wen. Her office is not too far from RTI. It … Continue Reading →

Radio 3

Is radio a dying medium?

Every semester when I teach Radio Broadcasting at Ming Chuan University in Taipei, I find myself trying to convince my students that radio is not a dying medium. “It’s flexible!” … Continue Reading →


Broadcaster’s treat

I recently discovered an old Taiwanese treat that is no longer that widely available. The dessert, almond soup (杏仁茶), was immensely popular decades ago, but these days, you hardly see … Continue Reading →


Formosa Boulevard

Behold! You are seeing one of the most beautiful subway stations in the world. It’s the Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan. The station has been rated the world’s … Continue Reading →

s Day 025

Temple of Learning

It might surprise you to learn that Confucius Temple is not a place of worship, but a place of learning.     On this week’s Occidental Tourist, Shirley and Wesley … Continue Reading →