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Taiwan is so gay

  • By gino
  • 4 November, 2011
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Taiwan held its ninth annual Pride Parade last Saturday. It was the biggest pride parade in all of Asia, and drew an estimated 50,000 people. There were members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community as well as their straight allies.

Demonstrators gathered at the boulevard in front of the presidential office, then separated into two groups and marched in two neighborhoods. They demanded respect and equality.

The parade organizer invited Taiwanese celebrity Deserts Zhang to be this year’s Rainbow Ambassador and represent the LGBT community. Zhang invited a female fan to come up stage and kissed her on the lips.

Tune in to this week’s Soft Power to find out why some protesters showed up in their high school uniforms, and what a mother has done to help her gay son and her son’s boyfriend live a happy life.

Rainbow Ambassador Deserts Zhang kissed her fan on the lips.

Drag queens are the backbone of every pride parade.

The sign reads “Male homosexuals club at National Taiwan University.”

The girls said they got their inspiration from Eve in the Bible.

The woman in the green shirt is Josephine Ho, a famous LGBT ally and a feminist who advocates for decriminalization of prostitution.

The purple sign reads “What do you mean by a ‘social consensus?’”

The demonstrators in the wheelchair say their experience multiple forms of discrimination.

The rainbow placards read “God loves gay people” and “No matter what you might have been told, God truly loves you.”

Mrs. Kuo is a Catholic mother with a lesbian daughter. Kuo represents the Loving Parents of LGBT.

Activist groups gather on stage.

An aboriginal gay man tells the audience there is discrimination within the aboriginal community in Taiwan.

Deserts Zhang performed four songs for the audience, many of whom got choked up by the end of the night.

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