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Yosh 3

You’ll never guess what Japanese fast food chain THIS is!

I love it when businesses collaborate to offer something unexpected. Take for example the Japanese fast food chain Yoshinoya, which I think has pretty decent food. One day I noticed … Continue Reading →

Crab 2

You’ll never guess what we found in the basement!

Imagine my surprise last week to see our intern — Veronica — holding a runaway crab in our office, miles from the beach! Apparently one of our workers spotted this … Continue Reading →



Remember my post of May 15 about an “outdoor museum” of the history of Taipei (or Taiwan?) laid out on the sides of a pedestrian overpass? Well, here are the … Continue Reading →

Goodbye Kitty 2

Goodbye Kitty!

If you’re tired of Hello Kitty, now there’s an opportunity to say goodbye to her as you depart from the Taiwan Taoyuan International airport! Perhaps you’ve already heard about all the … Continue Reading →

sexual harrassment

Please decipher this for me

It seems like the Taipei City government has  been trying to put a stop to any form of harassment on the public transportation system. There are signs that are kind … Continue Reading →


Hsiao Liuchiu, southern Taiwan’s best kept secret

I took advantage of the recent Dragon Boat Festival holiday to take a three day trip to Hsiao Liuchiu with a group of 50 or so friends from all over … Continue Reading →

black cat

Was Apple at fault?

Apple, the black cat, who travelled to South Korea without the knowledge of her owner, returned to Taiwan safely on Wednesday. Apple caused a stir and landed her owner Mr. … Continue Reading →


Now you see me, now you don’t

Some people like to show off. Others like to keep a low profile. You might not think it’s anything, but this motorcyclist and his motorcycle caught my eyes.     … Continue Reading →

1st prize

Who won RTI’s Mandarin speech contest ?

Since 2004, RTI has been holding Mandarin speech contest for foreign nationals. About 100 foreigners from 30 countries participated in the event held in Taipei on May 17th. This year’s … Continue Reading →

Museum day

International Museum Day

When was the last time you visited a museum? Here’s a great opportunity for you to visit museums in Taiwan… for free! To mark the International Museum Day on May … Continue Reading →